speaking at mug.org 10 April 2018

On 10 April 2018, I’ll be giving speaking at mug.org. Each MUG meeting has two presentations, one long and one short. Somehow, they’ve given me both of them.

My first, longer talk will be on ZFS, including some newer developments.

The second talk? I’m not saying.

The MUG talks coordinator, JM, agreed to let me present on the topic of my next book, the one with the undisclosed topic, without knowing what that topic is.

This gives me a hard deadline; either I’m in a position to announce the book by then, or the project fails. But hey. No pressure.

So, if you want to know the topic of #mwlSecretBook, show up at mug.org on 10 April.

In unrelated news, MUG is a great group that can always use volunteers. For example, I suspect they might desperately need a new talks coordinator on 11 April…

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