What To Try?

My readers refer folks to my site, which I absolutely adore. Word of mouth is the key to my career. But folks show up here and say “Wow. That’s a whole lot of stuff.” Overwhelmed and panicked, either they shriek in terror and flee or their head explodes.

This page offers book recommendations based on what you like to read.

If you want:

How do you make a living as a creator?: You want Cash Flow for Creators.

Technology books for Unix geeks: try SSH Mastery, Networking for System Administrators, or PAM Mastery.

Tech geek murder mystery: my novel git commit murder is basically “if Agatha Christie ran Unix cons.” Forced To Talk, Like, With Your Mouth is a short story and won’t suck up too much time.

Crime thriller: try Butterfly Stomp Waltz, followed by Terrapin Sky Tango.

High adventure sci-fi: try Forever Falls (it’s free!), then go on to Hydrogen Sleets and Drinking Heavy Water.

Dark SF: try my “Carpenter’s The Thing, but after we lose” novel Immortal Clay, followed by Kipuka Blues. For a shorter piece that’s not apocalyptic but certainly dark, grab Winner Breaks All.

Historical Fantasy: Prohibition Orcs. This started with a short story, and readers demanded more. And more. And more…

Free: There’s Butterfly Stomp, a novelette that happens to be the opening of Butterfly Stomp Waltz. My free short novel Forever Falls introduces my Montague Portal series. There’s my autobiography on this site–start with The Wasp or The Wish List. Or my short story Keeping Friends is on this site, because it’s flash fiction and too short to charge even $0.99 for.

Satirical Linux erotica: first, get help. Then try Savaged by Systemd. Then get more help. (And no, Bedazzled by Blockchain is not satirical. It’s dystopian. Totally different.)

Really, I’m glad if you try anything.