“SSH Mastery, 2nd ed” in hardcover

I’ve been publishing books for about a quarter century now. At long last, one of my books is out in hardcover. With a dust jacket and everything. Introducing the newest version of SSH Mastery.

Why produce this book in hardcover?

First, because I need to know how to do it. Self-pub hardcover books are a different beast than paperbacks. One day I’ll have a serious need for hardcovers. That’s not the time to learn how to create them. I’ll need those skills in advance.

And second, because I wanted to. Because how cool is this?

Hardcovers are not cheap. This book retails for $39.99. Much like paperback print on demand, I expect the price to drop with time.

In theory, the hardcover will withstand more abuse than a paperback. I love theories. They make spending forty bucks on a book you can get for ten in ebook sound sensible.

I’ve ordered a case of hardbacks, as gifts for the fine folks who sponsored this book.

Also, this book uses my own ISBN, 978-1-64235-022-7. As I have very few combination book nerd/tech nerd readers, let me explain the joke: this is ISBN 22 out of my block of 1000, 978-1-64235-022-7. You have my permission to roll your eyes now.

As I don’t expect anyone to actually purchase the hardcover edition, I let myself have fun with it. The dust jacket is very BOFH, and contains Extra Rat.

8 Replies to ““SSH Mastery, 2nd ed” in hardcover”

  1. Is your net-net margin any higher on a hardbound than a paperback?
    ‘Cause if so, I might spring the extra $$$ to help an author along….

  2. My extra vig is about a dollar. While I appreciate the thought, spending an extra $15 to give me $1 is perhaps not the best way to bribe me. If you’re iffy on which version you want, though, go right ahead. I won’t argue.

  3. > … perhaps not the best way to bribe me.

    Good chocolate? Your favorite “adult beverage”? Moar Rat Chow for the _real_ leaders of the household??? 😉

  4. Hardcovers were an interesting thing to do. Don’t know if I’ll do them again. They’re a pain.

    The sponsorships on the mystery book are over, sorry. Next one up will be jails. Watch this space for the announcement.

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