Anthologies I have pieces in

in progress

Women who Run with the Werewolves

Contains my story “Breaking the Circle.”

Horror Library, volume 2

Contains my short story “Opening the Eye.”

Boundary Shock Quarterly: Tuesday After Next

Contains my short story “Shoot Through the Heart” (Immortal Clay)

Boundary Shock Quarterly: Robots, Androids, Cyborgs, Oh My!

Contains my novella “Winner Breaks All”

Boundary Shock Quarterly: Apocalypse Descending

Contains my story “Drums with Delusions of Godhood”

Fiction River: Superstitious

Contains my story “Shattered Canvas”

Boundary Shock Quarterly: Alien Dreams

Contains my story “Easing Final Fears”

Boundary Shock Quarterly: What Might Have Been

Contains my novella “Drag Air Through Fire”

Face the Strange

Contains my story “Woolen Torment” (Prohibition Orcs)

Bloody Christmas

Contains my story “Sister Silence Night” (Beaks)

Uncollected Anthology: Deities

Contains my story “Final Gift” (Prohibition Orcs)

Fiction River: Chances

Contains my Beaks-related story “Burned Out Souls” (Beaks)

Fiction River: Dark and Deadly Passions

Contains my story “Not Getting Away With It”

The Holiday Spectacular #2

Contains my stories “The Last Hour of Hogswatch” and “A Different, Better Red”

Boundary Shock Quarterly: Wandering Monsters

Contains my Montague Portal story “No Other”

Fantastic Christmas

Contains my story “The Last Hour of Hogswatch”

Mysterious Christmas

Contains my story “A Different, Better Red”

Fiction River: Broken Dreams

Contains my Prohibition Orcs tale “Degreased Hopes”