Spilled Mirovar

(Prohibition Orcs 1)

Spilled Mirovar
The modern year of 1927, and orcs still have to fight elven asshole bullshit.

Prohibition left exceptions for the church of Men, the Elvish sacraments, even the Dwarfish rituals. But the elves in Congress insist that orcs have no sacraments.

Without the Orcish draught, without the rites, Uruk-Tai’s fine strong boys might grow tall. They might earn respect.

But they will never be Orcs.

And Uruk will not let that happen…

Drowned Mirovar

(Prohibition Orcs 2)

drowned mirovar ebook coverIn 1927 Detroit, orcs have no friends. But they get the best enemies.

Uruk-Tai wants a peaceful night in the orc speakeasy. Instead, he gets an intrusive human, family fights, looming threats…

…and opportunity.

To orcs, opportunity looks a lot like certain death.

But the rewards might change everything…

Final Gift

(a Prohibition Orcs tale)
Fital GiftOne Orcess Against The World

Mha fought in the Spanish-American War and earned all the respect an orcess could dream of. But not even a life of constant struggle prepared her to endure her final days in a rural Michigan barn, so age-decrepit she can’t even pick up a cow. Her husband’s death abandons her to face that end alone.

Mha holds one thing beneath even solitude and weakness: dealing with senseless humans.

But only humans can save her from sacrificing all her warrior left her…

Woolen Torment

a Prohibition Orcs tale
Woolen Torment

In 1927 Detroit, orcish bootlegger Uruk-Tai has faced

Elven wizards.

Officers of the unjust human law.

Bullet-spewing Great Lakes pirates.

And now, his greatest challenge:

A tailor.

Witness November

a Prohibition Orcs tale
Witness November


Shaman Azok-Snaka defends his orcish tenement against the subtler dangers of 1927 Detroit. He teaches the Sagas and battles the grasping landlord, hoping to speak no language but Orcish all the rest of his days.

But when a human shaman invades the tenement, Azok must use his every trick to repel the incursion.

Even if it means invoking the fiercest of his own gods…

Face Less

Face Less

The Mask of Madness

When a lonesome young boy gets told to stop reading science fiction and go out into the woods he discovers steep hills, skunk cabbage—and the fourth dimension?

A glimpse into the world beyond human knowledge might destroy young Peter and his family.

Or, perhaps, save them all…

Moonlight’s Apples

Moonlight's Apples coverDale Dervish:
all-around bad-ass

Give him trouble, he knocks your teeth in.

But a valley that appears and disappears, impossibly rich raspberries, and a sorcerous Fairy woman ensnare him before he realizes it.

Freedom means death. Living costs his soul.

But Dervish always makes his own rules…