Obsolete and Nonexistent Titles

Nonexistent Books

After Cisco Routers for the Desperate escaped, I said several times in public that I would write a followup called LDAP for the Damned. This was a joke. There is no such book. The damned aren’t allowed hope. The number of people looking for this book really does astonish me, however. If you are one of the devils who use LDAP to inflict torment and terror, consider writing it.

Not By Me

Every so often, someone asks if I am the Michael Lucas who wrote such-and-such. What follows is a partial list of books I have not written, even though my name appears on the cover. Everything I publish after 2002 gives my name as “Michael W. Lucas”, to help avoid confusion.

  • Satan’s Government
  • Aspects of Conrad’s Literary Language
  • Understanding Business : Environments
  • The Western Alliance After Inf: Redefining U.S. Policy Toward Europe and the Soviet Union
  • Attachments for Prosthetic Dentistry: Introduction and Application
  • Handbook of the Acoustic Characteristics of Turbomachinery Cavities
  • The prosthetic dentistry thing sounds pretty cool, though.

    Obsolete Nonfiction

    I did write these tech books, but they’re obsolete. Don’t rely on them. Many have later, less unreliable editions.

    PGP & GPG cover
    PGP & GPG
    Absolute FreeBSD, 2nd ed cover
    Absolute FreeBSD, 2nd ed
    Absolute BSD cover
    Absolute BSD (1st ed)
    Absolute OpenBSD cover
    Absolute OpenBSD (1st ed)
    Cisco Routers for the Desperate cover
    Cisco Routers for the Desperate (1st ed)
    SSH Mastery cover
    SSH Mastery (1st ed)
    Sudo Mastery cover
    Sudo Mastery, 1st ed
    DNSSEC Mastery