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Cash Flow for Creators: How To Transform your Art Into a Career

Cash Flow for Creators cover

People want to give you money for your art? Congratulations!

Now what???

Business is all about cash flow, and cash flow is just a game. A game with simple rules. A game you can win, with the ultimate prize: a life doing what you love.

Ask that helpful cousin with the business degree for advice and they’ll gleefully prattle on about LLCs and deductions and accountants and the tax tactics of C versus S corporations. It’s entirely accurate and completely unhelpful. Books about businesses like pet shops and burger franchises? Even less useful.

You need advice from a creator who pays the mortgage with his craft.

Cash Flow For Creators provides a map and a flashlight for building an artistic business from the ground up. Do you need a business bank account, and why? Should you incorporate, or make an LLC? How do you cope with accountants, regulations and deductions? Can you get your family on board? How do you pay taxes? What about keeping a business going, not just year after year but decade after decade? In the bewildering torrent of business rules, which matter to a creator—and which don’t? Cash Flow for Creators has you covered, and tells you the secret no other business book will:

Business is easier than art.

Once someone explains the rules, and tells you how to win.

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