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Interviews. Live Readings. Conference talks. I have a YouTube playlist. Pics for those who want one.

2023 November 17: TLS in 2023 (St Louis Linux Users Group) (Options for video, audio-only, captioned, the chat session, etc.)

2020 Nov 27: The Networknomicon (BSD Now interview)

2020 Nov 8: If Agatha Christie ran Unix Cons (from Privacy Week/CCC)

2020 June 9: “Simple” “Network” “Management” “Protocol” ( presentation)

2019 Oct 9: 20 Years of FreeBSD Jails from vBSDCon 2019.

2019 Oct 2: Live reading at Penguicon of short story “Hero of Fire Life,” sold to Pulphouse Magazine.

2019 June 15: Twenty Years in Jail: FreeBSD Jails, Then and Now

2019 June 3: Booking Jailss (BSDNow interview)

2019 May 10: Live reading of FreeBSD Journal “We Get Letters” column, Penguicon 2019

2018 June 29: Interview with Lawrence Systems

2018 April 10: Improvised talk about the ed book at

2018 April 10: Today’s ZFS at

2017 June 9: The OpenBSD Web Stack at BSDCan.

2017 June 7: BSDNow interview, on Relayd and Httpd Mastery.

2016 November 11: PAM is Un-American at Introducing Pluggable Authentication Modules. Based on my book PAM Mastery.

2016 October 10: Introducing ZFS at Ohio LinuxFest. (I almost break someone’s arm in this talk. Good times, good times.)

2016 March 30: BSDNow interview on FreeBSD Mastery: Specialty Filesystems.

2015 Nov 11: SSH, at I would like to commend for being one of the few places where the vast majority of the audience has stopped using passwords.

2015 May 12: Tarsnap: Online Backup for the Truly Paranoid at (The folks like me, and they take good videos.)

2014 December 17: BSDNow interview ow FreeBSD Mastery: Storage Essentials

2014 December 9: Sudo: You’re Doing It Wrong at

2014 February 8: BSD Breaking Barriers at NYCBSDCon 2014. Not my best performance, but I did it, so it’s on the list. (I thought I had a shortage of sleep, too much caffeine, and extra adrenaline. I actually had tonsillitis. I am absolutely certain that I offended more than one person that day, thanks to my fever. If that was you, my sincere apologies. [You might ask how I can not notice a fever? Crowds make me sweat and shake.])

2013 November 13: Talking OpenBSD at ( are a bunch of nice people, by the way.)

2013 November 8: BSDNow, on sudo, tech books, and so on.

2013 August 11: Live presentation on DNSSEC at the Metro Detroit Linux Users Group. My presentation starts about 21 minutes in.

2013 July 11: BSDTalk 228, on DNSSEC and OpenBSD.

2012 July 30: BSDTalk 218, on SSH Mastery and the new edition of Absolute OpenBSD.

2011 May 24: BSD Needs Books, from NYCBSDCon 2010.

2010 December 6: AT&T Tech Channel, on Network Flow Analysis.

2010 August 11: Netflow part 1 and part 2.

2008 June 13: BSDTalk 153, on Absolute FreeBSD.

There are older interviews, but I didn’t track them. If you find any, send me a link and I’ll add them.

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Michael W Lucas, April 2015

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