Yes, I give stuff away. Here’s three stories and a novel.

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Forever Falls

The first Montague Portal novel!

There’s no grounds for murder.

There’s no ground at all.

The people exploring and exploiting alien universes risk everything, including their lives. But Devin Gupper’s death makes no sense. And the more questions security officer Aidan Redding asks, the less rational it seems.

But in a bottomless universe full of impossibilities, one impossible murder begins everything…

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    Butterfly Stomp

    The story that made me write Butterfly Stomp Waltz

    50% Die Hard
    50% Robin Hood
    100% trouble

    Reeling from the death of her lover and partner, freelance “exfiltration specialist” Billie Carrie Salton breaks into a high-tech, high-security biotechnology firm to steal their sickle cell anemia cure and broadcast it to the world.

    In, out, announce. Easy.

    Except Salton’s life never works that smoothly…

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    Spilled Mirovar

    The very first Prohibition Orcs tale.

    The modern year of 1927, and orcs still have to fight elven asshole bullshit.

    Prohibition left exceptions for the church of Men, the Elvish sacraments, even the Dwarfish rituals. But the elves in Congress insist that orcs have no sacraments.

    Without the Orcish draught, without the rites, Uruk-Tai’s fine strong boys might grow tall. They might earn respect.

    But they will never be Orcs.

    And Uruk will not let that happen.