Sponsoring a Scam

I’m writing a multi-Unix technology book that doesn’t have a title yet.

Well, okay, it has a title. But I’m not saying what it is. The reasons why will be obvious once the book comes out. It’ll be out before May.

#MWLSecretBook will be fairly short, about 15,000 words–about half the size of Sudo Mastery. A tech book novella, as it were. As such, it will be less expensive than other Mastery books.

When you find out what this book is, you’ll probably groan and roll your eyes. Or send hate mail. Or wonder why it hasn’t existed until now, when the need is so obvious and a whole bunch of you don’t know the topic at all.

I did a Twitter poll asking if I should offer sponsorships. The reaction was widely split between “no, you’re an idiot,” and “yes, you’re a maniac.”

I have mixed feelings on offering sponsorships because, well, this really is a pig in a poke. I’ve decided to go ahead, because a) I could use the money, and b) the sponsorships include pretty clear warnings. So:

MWLSecretBook – print sponsor
MWLSecretBook – ebook sponsor

The image is a narrow piece of the cover art.

This whole thing is a complete rip-off. I mean, PT Barnum would approve. That’s why the rates are at my usual tech book sponsorship rates, because if you want in on a scam you want all in.

And let me say in advance: I’m sorry.

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