Patronize Me

The first rule of making a living as a creator is when someone puts money in your hand, take it. My Patronizer program is a terrible deal, but if you insist on putting money in my hand I won’t argue.

I have a Patreon. I also built my own Patreon.

Both have the same benefits and cost you exactly the same. The difference is, I make more when you directly Patronize me. My platform charges slightly differently–the $1/month tier is $12/year so that the credit card companies don’t siphon away $4 of it. I would also say that my privacy policy is better than Patreon’s and more strictly enforced.

No matter which you choose, I appreciate all my Patronizers.

Yes, my Private Patronizer Platform includes offerings unavailable on Patreon. Patreon won’t let me do the 29 February level, where you pay once every leap year. I create these when they amuse me, or when they let me tell someone on social media “oh, you’ll pay me thousands of bucks if I offer this? Done, now pay up.” (You know who you are, sir.)

Every benefit you can get from these are available on regular Patreon.

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