“Storage Essentials” first draft complete!

The first draft of FreeBSD Mastery: Storage Essentials is now complete and available on the Tilted Windmill Press site.

My target for a Mastery book is for it to be about 30K words. That seems a fair length for a $10 technology ebook. FMSE is 45K words, or about 50% more than that. At that price point, it’ll be a bargain. The print version will probably run more than the $20 I prefer, but we’ll see what happens.

As it’s a complete draft, the price has been raised to $8.99. Once the book goes through technical review and I correct it, the price will go to its final $9.99. At that point, I’ll get it into Amazon, B&N, and so on, in both print and epub.

So, what’s next?

Next, I look at my pile of outlines and try to untangle them. I’m planning FreeBSD books on jails, on ZFS, specialty filesystems (which might or might not include network filesystems), and more. These topics are all terribly interrelated. As I’m now writing full time, I need to figure out the approach that makes the best use of my time and yet gives me the maximum amount of exposure to everything.

I still intend to do a small OpenBSD book in the near future, but I’m still debating what that should be. I have high hopes for both OpenHTTPD and LibreSSL, but I want both projects to settle first. And I have a whole list of non-BSD books on my list as well.

There’s also the possibility that the market will reject FMSE. If that happens, it will limit how many more FreeBSD Mastery books I do. I think that won’t happen–I expect the book to do well–but I never know. As I’m depending on books to pay my mortgage, I might have to make the hard decision to cancel the series. We’ll have to wait and see.