FreeBSD 11 feature goals

I’m at the BSDCan FreeBSD devsummit, and the current topic is FreeBSD 11 Goals.

As the Great Committer John Baldwin has requested that people take notes and blog about the discussions, and this might be of wider interest, here’s the goals.

These are my notes. I probably missed things. I would be shocked if I didn’t, actually. And I probably misunderstood some stuff.

Test suite/QA (jmmv) – some stuff merged to 10
Mips64 & more MIPS stuff
Scatter/Gather mbufs (scottl) – collapse down mbufs from a long chain into one unit
Lldb (emaste) – make it first-class citizen, fully functioning & working in 11 on all platforms, native cross-platform debugging
Uefi boot and install support (emaste)
Package the base system (gjb/bapt)
Open to floor:
AES GCM added to ipsec – jmg
ASLR – Shawn “The Goats Are His Fault” Webb
DNS improvements – Erwin
FreeBSD devs – Want icc? Talk to gnn@
Kload – hot swap kernel upgrade
Dragonfly mailer as default
Ncurses cleanup
Capsicum and casper improvements – use casper to help apps use dnssec correctly
TCP performance and enhancements (gnn) – project as a whole needs broader TCP patch reviewers
L2 rework
Arm64 (andyt)
Package building Mips32 packages via qemu
External toolchain improvements (imp) – some people need GCC
Remove gcc by 11 – gnn willing to remove it right after this devsummit session
Remove ia64 (marcel)
Useland dtrace (marki)
Xen dom0 for x86 (rogier)
Kqueue64 from osX – available from Apple, we could pull this in (jmg)
Async sendfile (glebius)
Lightweight reference counts (maybe) (glebius)
Kdbus (need for desktop)
Vt + newcons default (emaste)
KMS, DRM, AGI impromements (dumbbell & kip)
SMT (need)
Encrypted kernel dump (gnn)
Nand flash (warner)
Superpages for certain arm & mips
Multi-endian ufs
Libdispatch (sson)
Move libraries to private (need, bapt, bdrewery help)
/etc/src.conf improvements
64-bit linuxulator
newer linuxulator (xmj)
new autofs (emaste)
unionfs improvements (need)
64-bit struct stat & dirent, mount_pathlen, max_pathlen, (benno)
X32 – alternate abi for amd64 – jhb wants, but no commitment
PF – improve its internal API so we can manage stable branches, merge newer version, IPv6 improvements (glebius)
Bhyve – UEFI
Reproducible release builds – remove usernames, host names, timestamps from builds
IPv6 security improvements
Network stack backpressure
Network multipath (stretch goal)
Capsicum shell – will sandbox package building
Non-root image building

Will all this happen? Who knows. But plans are nice.

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