“Absolute OpenBSD” auction photographs

I promised to post photographs of the signed copy of Absolute OpenBSD 2nd Edition that went to Bill Allaire.

Here they are. In full size, so that Bill can later use them to authenticate his copy, in the extraordinarily unlikely event that he desires to do so. (And also so that perhaps the bandwidth utilized might finally exceed that generated by my fame in the gay porn world.)

All the developers signed the first page:
ao2e inside page

People immediately checked the index for their favorite features. Leave it to Bob Beck to find my extraordinarily subtle joke on BUFCACHEPERCENT, which I assure you I completely deliberately chose to do and was not at all an actual error.

ao2e index

Some developers weren’t terribly confident of their English skills. But that’s okay.
ao2e japanese

Sadly, there were some problems with the book. People were kind enough to point them out.
ao2e small margin

Many pages didn’t get marked up, but a few got extra attention. We now know exactly how Theo feels about file flags.
ao2e 174-175

Finally, Theo was kind enough to add a footnote. He didn’t mark it from the main body of the text, however. Programmers might have mad skillz, but footnotes are much harder than they look.
ao2e footnote page

As an aside: I considered getting the developers to sign my personal copy of the book while I was there. But that would reduce the uniqueness of this artifact, dang it. So Bill gets the awesome copy and the rest of us get pix.

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  1. Look’s great! Wish I’d had ~1000$ to throw into this, but alas my wife would kill me :p

    If anyone’s wondering, uebayasi@’s comment says something like: “Today vmxnet3 was committed, and because of this OpenBSD’s virtualisation has become very good. Uebayashi” (今日vmxnet3をコミットしたのでこれからオープンビーエスディーの仮想化はとてもよくなります。上林)

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