“Absolute OpenBSD” auction winner

The final total on the Absolute OpenBSD first copy auction was: $1145. The lucky (for various interpretations of lucky) winner is Bill Allaire, long-time OpenBSD supporter.

Bill has already sent Austin the money, which is winging its way to the OpenBSD Foundation as I write this. So he’s lived up to his end of the bargain.

I’m not going to ship him the book when it’s printed, however. Us writers are flaky and untrustworthy, and it’s time people realize and accept this. For another reason, though, there’s a small OpenBSD hackathon in Toronto at the end of May. I’ve been invited to come hang out on beer night.

I’m taking Bill’s book with me, so various OpenBSD developers can sign it and point out any errors. I’m sure they’ll also offer corrections and commentary because, well, you give a BSD developer a beer and he’ll tell you what he really thinks.

So, Bill not only gets the first copy off the press. He gets the most correct version. A book more awesome than anything anyone else will have. Don’t you wish you had outbid him?

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