First copy of “Absolute OpenBSD, 2nd ed” now on auction

You’ve asked me how to get Absolute OpenBSD early.

The answer is simple. You buy it. At auction. All proceeds to the OpenBSD Foundation.

The printer will take the first copy of Absolute OpenBSD off the press and overnight it to me. I will sign it, and label it on the title page as the first copy. I will include a Certificate of Authenticity stating that this is the one true first copy off the press. I will ship this book anywhere in the world, as fast as reasonable, at a cost of up to $100. (If you win the bid and want it shipped to Antarctica, it will take a little longer.)

To reassure the security-minded among: I also promise that this is the only copy that I will sign and label as the first copy.

Being able to do this gives me warm fuzzies. It makes me look like a nice person without me doing any real work. After all, No Starch Press provided the physical book and Austin Hook is running the auction. I just have to scribble my name and stuff an envelope.

We did this for the first copy of Absolute FreeBSD, and raised $600 for the FreeBSD Foundation. Frankly, I expect you OpenBSD folks to beat that handily.

If you do not beat that amount, I will be disappointed in the community.

Do not disappoint me.

You wouldn’t like me when I’m disappointed.

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