DNSSEC Mastery release

I had hoped to get DNSSEC Mastery out before my trip next week. That’s not going to happen, thanks to the copyeditor. (And I do mean “thanks” in a completely non-sarcastic way.)

Most of her comments are easily fixable. But she goes into detail on one point that is utterly, completely, compellingly damning. “The thing I worry about is that while this book may be perfectly acceptable, if people open it up really eager to get some more good clean Lucas (strange people), then there’s not a lot of that there.”

All the knowledge is in there. But the writing needs more life.

I really wanted to have this book in print before BSDCan 2013. I tried to keep that deadline, despite my surprise appendectomy in January. I’ve felt kind of uneasy about this book, but it was technically finished, so I sent it on.

As I’m self-publishing, I both have the freedom to make the book correct and no excuse for not doing so. There’s no offset press scheduled for a feeding.

So, the book will be delayed a couple weeks. And it will be better for it.

And if you need a copyeditor who isn’t afraid to tell you in detail exactly why you suck, I have one.

5 Replies to “DNSSEC Mastery release”

  1. I dont care.
    I am a Norwegian living in Sweden, so my benefits from a copyeditor in the English language is none. 🙂
    Be proud of yourself.
    Knwledge is more worth than grammatichs.

  2. I suspect that emergency appendectomies have a way of making you feel less punchy.
    I suggest avoiding those in the future.

  3. I’m glad (in a non-sarcastic way) that you agree with me on that point. 🙂

    Also glad you have only one appendix… Hopefully.

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