Book Giveaway Contest

I have two copies of Network Flow Analysis that need good homes, so I’m having a contest.

The last time I gave books away, I wasn’t able to contact several people to give them their free book. If you enter, you MUST include a way for me to contact you. If you leave a link to a web page, the web page should say “Contact” somewhere on it.

The contest? In the comments below, suggest ways to give The Great Committer the honor and respect he deserves. The funnier, the better.

I will choose one winner in each of the two categories.

1) The most outrageous, hilarious, but impossible one
2) The funniest one that could actually be done at BSDCan 2011.

Yes, I’m trading books for cheap laughs. I need cheap laughs. You do, too. Spend two minutes to make me laugh out loud, and you could get a book.

Contest ends Friday, April 29, 2011.

4 Replies to “Book Giveaway Contest”

  1. how to reward a Committer and give him honour and respect? will that’s easy!

    first of all ask him if he has any money left
    if == yes
    GOTO ask him to donate
    else he is a cheap bastard and does not deserve it, my youngest kid can code better than him any way!


    ask him to get some naked pic’s with you, that ‘ll be fun 😀

  2. Nothing less than some epic sunglasses and a bland-coloured outfit (of some sort) is befitting of the Great Committer. This and this is the look that he needs to channel.

    He also needs his own tv and radio stations to promote his awesomeness, a tribute band, national holidays, body doubles, and…a floating fortress (for his security, since all other aspiring Great Committers now want to bump him off).

    In all seriousness, get him some of these so he can channel the “I’ll kill you if you’re not in awe of me” look from his podium of worship at BSDCan 2011.

  3. Well…that third link is some comment fail. Unfortunate that I’m unable to edit the previous post.

    This is what you should purchase His Holiness the Great Committer. Find them at any ‘dollar’ store (I definitely wouldn’t spend any more on them!) ;].

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