Attending a Publishing Workshop

I’ll be in Portland, Oregon, from July 9-17, attending two consecutive Dean Wesley Smith workshops.

  • Pitches, Blurbs, Tags, and Promotions
  • How to Be a Publisher

    DWS is a successful novelist who is doing quite well self-publishing. Of course, he has years of authorial experience and an existing audience, but he also built Pulphouse Publishing back in the 80s. I’m delighted for the chance to drain those decades of accumulated experience from his brain. If you have any interest in publishing independently, check these out.

    As I’ve said before, I’m not dumping my publisher. But I do have ideas for nonfiction projects that aren’t suitable for them, and I’m seriously considering publishing novels independently.

    The worst part of the trip? DWS is a notorious night owl, on the West Coast. I’m a morning person, from the East Coast. These workshops are going to happen in the middle of my night. Ick.

    So, do I have any readers in Portland? Any BSD groups out there? Would it be worthwhile to try to schedule some sort of meetup? I expect I’ll be extremely busy, but I suspect that DWS’ workshops won’t start at the crack of dawn, and I must eat dinner some time.