Manly McManface: Endgame

I’ve sold 71 copies of Ed Mastery: Manly McManface edition. This means I owe the Grosse Pointe Soroptimists $71. Most of these were print sales, presumably as prank gifts because of the very manly cover.

Rather than track sales of this book forever, I’ve rounded up the amount I donated to $250. I expect this will cover the lifetime sales of this particular edition. Tilted Windmill Press is now a proud sponsor of SIGP’s Stop Traffic 5K Walk/Run on 21 September.

They have room for more sponsors. You should consider sponsoring this fundraiser for a very worthy cause.

If you’re local, you should consider stirring your lazy carcass and joining the walk.

And for posterity, here’s the complete official chronology of this most masculine of books.

I hereby declare this prank complete.

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