Developer-signed “Relayd & Httpd Mastery” hardcover

This post is for bids on the brand new first-ever hardcover edition of Relayd & Httpd Mastery that I’m going to have signed by every developer I can catch at MeetBSD. Proceeds go to the OpenBSD Foundation.

Rules are on the announcement page, but in short: the auction ends on 20 October 2018, at the close of MeetBSD. Each bid must be at least $5 more than the prior bid. I’ll hand over or mail the copy upon getting a copy of the receipt for the OpenBSD Foundation.

The auction takes place entirely on this page. Folks at MeetBSD get no special advantage.

15 Replies to “Developer-signed “Relayd & Httpd Mastery” hardcover”

  1. Update: The OpenBSD devs at MeetBSD are meeting Larkin and Guenther this next week.

    The book will be taken for their signature, and then mailed to the winner.


    And the FreeBSD folks have caught up in bidding. Surely you want to crush them

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