Absolute FreeBSD now shipping!

Amazon can deliver and NSP has copies, so I think I can say: Absolute FreeBSD is now shipping!

Here’s the Obligatory Gratuitous New Book Selfie.

af3e selfie

Grab an ebook/print bundle direct from No Starch Press. NSP coupon code ILUVMICHAEL gives you 30% off any NSP purchase and puts a few extra bucks in my pocket, so that’s cool. And there’s Amazon. There’s always Amazon, the company we all love to loathe.

Or check the book page for links to other stores.

4 Replies to “Absolute FreeBSD now shipping!”

  1. Thanks so much for your hard work and efforts on this Michael. Does this announcement also mean that those of that preordered the book those many months ago will also be receiving their copies soon?

  2. I pre-ordered back in April and just got notification mine will be here this Thursday. I bought directly through nostarch press.

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