Things I Learned at NYCBSDCon, day 2

Isilon is clever.  And they really want to give lots of their code back to the FreeBSD community.

New York Internet donated space, cooling, and power for an East Coast FreeBSD mirror.  Companies like Juniper and NetApp are donating hardware.  We will soon have an East Coast mirror of the West Coast datacenter, including package building facilities.  This will be cool.

Databases suck.  SQL is an abomination.  I knew this already, but it’s nice to have that opinion reinforced.  We could really use a data query language based on relational algebra.

George Rosamond put con finances on display during lunch.  NYCBSDCon made money this year.  The leftovers will be cut in four and split between OpenBSD, NetBSD, FreeBSD, and DragonFly.

pfSense rocks.  Once the next release is out, the team will turn its attention to IPv6.

And I’ve got to up and give my talk in a few minutes.  Those of you at the conference might as well go home now.

2 Replies to “Things I Learned at NYCBSDCon, day 2”

  1. Sorry I couldn’t hang around for your talk. Had to get home early and try to recover a few hours of the weekend with my family. I’m sure it was awesome as always.

  2. “Awesome”

    He took an hour to tell us writing a book sucks. And he’s on his eighth!


    Thanks as always ML. We wouldn’t hold a conference without you.

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