Things I Learned at NYCBSDCon, Day 1

A few quick random things I picked up at day 1 of NYCBSDCon:

  • Scheduled IPv4 depletion date:  119 days.  That’s when the last /8 is issued to a regional NICs.  Many of the remaining IPv4 /8 blocks are “poisoned,” and receive garbage traffic immediately upon announcement.
  • Hudson River Trading is hiring FreeBSD folks.  They gave away 1GB USB key/bottle openers, so they clearly understand the sysadmin mentality.
  • You want to take the BSD Associate Cert as soon as possible.
  • Don’t confuse George with George.  George doesn’t like that.  Fortunately, George doesn’t care, so you’ll only have to worry about George.
  • The “Quest for the Next Generation FreeBSD Installer” is about to claim more developers.  You’d think people would learn.  (Don’t get me wrong, I wish them luck and I hope they succeed, but nobody’s ever had dinner after betting the grocery budget on a new FreeBSD installer.)
  • Jeremy Reed is digging through the original BSD tapes and contacting every person named in the original source code to assemble a comprehensive BSD history.  BSD claims a long history, but Jeremy’s actually trying to document it while the original folks are still with us.  It will eventually be available as a book.  This is probably the most exciting thing I heard today, but then, I’m an academic at heart.
  • And if any BSD folks live near Jason Dixon, he <i>really</i> needs to be dragged out of management.  Forcibly if necessary.  Possibly with methods involving tranquilizer darts, nets, and some sort of radio tags.  If you do this, be sure to post the video footage for the rest of us.

You can get here for tomorrow.  I know you can.

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