The first AF3e preorders

This morning, Google alerted me to a reputable site mentioning “Absolute FreeBSD, 3rd Edition.”

To my shock, it’s a pre-order on Kobo.

[UPDATE: AF3e now has a web page, where I’ll be collecting pre-order links.]

I guess we have a release date now? And a price? Cool.

I expect other preorders to appear on other sites. No Starch will have a page for their combined print/ebook soon, as well as their early access program.

But as a writer, I adore Kobo. You could do worse than to get it there.

3 Replies to “The first AF3e preorders”

  1. says it’s going to be May 29th. 2018.
    That’s over half a year.

    If I’d pre-order (and pay) now, would you also get the money now?
    Or would amazon pocket that for the next six months?

    In any case, with this one I’d prefer the physical, dead-tree version. God knows when that’ll become available in Europe.

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