“Tarsnap Mastery” pre-pub reviewers wanted

The first draft of “Tarsnap Mastery” is ready for pre-pub review.

Colin has reviewed the manuscript, so I’m fairly sure that the technical stuff is correct. But Colin knows Tarsnap very well, so he read the book already understanding what I’m trying to teach.

And in aggregate, y’all use Tarsnap much more than I possibly could. There’s thousands of you. You’ve probably figured out ways to abuse the service that I would have never thought of.

If you’re interested in doing a pre-pub review, send me an email with the subject “Tarsnap pre-pub review.” Please give me a sentence or two saying:

  • how experienced you are as a sysadmin
  • how experienced you are at Tarsnap

    I can’t take everyone who volunteers, but I want to get a fair balance between different levels of sysadmin and Tarsnap experience.

    The book draft PDF is 16MB. Send your message from an email address that can accept a file that large. If the email bounces, I’ll assume that you didn’t read this far in the instructions, and hence don’t really want to review.

    Please send any comments in plain text. I don’t look at comments until the due date, so one big response is fine.

    I’ll need any comments back by 9 February 2015.

    If you want more detail on pre-pub reviews, look at my web site.

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    1. hi Michael,

      I would like to help you. We use it a lot for our hosting needs. I am experienced in sysadmin and i know tarsnap rather well.


    2. How many pages (so that I know if it is worth applying, or if I won’t have time anyway)?

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