BSDCan 2015 Call for Papers Ending Soon

I just submitted a talk and a tutorial to BSDCan 2015.

If you’ve done anything in BSD technology over the last year more sophisticated than “maintained respiration and blood flow,” you should submit as well.

As a committee member, I can say we are always looking for unusual work. Yes, we all know that Henning Brauer is working on OpenBSD, and Luigi Rizzo is doing something clever with the network stack, and Max Stucchi is pimping IPv6. That’s all well and good, but we always want something outside our usual suspects. You’re the network administrator of a salt mine, or the frozen North, or an oil rig? You’ve wedged BSD into an alarm clock? Submit! Tell us about it!

Otherwise, they’re gonna let that Lucas character talk. Again. Nobody wants that.

One Reply to “BSDCan 2015 Call for Papers Ending Soon”

  1. Hey… maintaining respiration and blood flow can be really hard.
    Just ask your friendly neighborhood medical professional.
    And curse you for getting me to Google “bsd alarm clock”. 🙂

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