“Devotion and Corrosion” Kickstarter wrap-up

Today, I shipped the physical rewards for the Devotion and Corrosion Kickstarter.

The Post Office was kind enough to use a tote to deliver a beat-up package. Today I’m returning it.

These books arrived at my house a couple days after I opened sponsorships on the mail book. Unfortunately, in those intervening days I caught covid. (Zero stars, recommend catching distemper or cercospora leaf rot instead.) I’m recovering, but this is my first effort at working since I fell ill.

Even with that interruption, fulfilling this Kickstarter went much better than fulfilling the Prohibition Orcs one. In the future, I will have fulfillment ready to fire as soon as Kickstarter’s payment hits my account. SO much less stress that way!

By the way:

While “Devotion and Corrosion” won’t be in bookstores for a few days yet, you can grab it today from my ebookstore.

Would I use release windowing to encourage people to buy direct from me instead of from Amazon? Oh, heck yes.

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