Sponsorship Open: “Run Your Own Mail Server”

The title kind of says it all.

I have also made an early draft of Chapter 0 available to help explain what the book is and is not. Before you start sending me corrections, check the disclaimer at the top.

Despite inflation, I have not raised the price of sponsorships. I have passed through the shipping charge for print sponsors, however, so I’ve totally raised the price. But it’s transparent, and relative to where you live. Note that the shipping is per-continent, not calculated live. I can’t calculate shipping for something that doesn’t even exist yet.

And yes, I’m building a Kickstarter into this book’s production plan. That will be more of a pre-order, although I do have some thoughts on how I can use Kickstarter to enhance the book. The Kickstarter will replace a direct pre-order, as an experiment.

Running your own email is a struggle against an opponent you can’t see. That’s why the cover is a take on Battle of Vimy Ridge. You’ll be able to buy Eddie Sharam’s original painting, either through the Kickstarter or direct auction. It will be a full wraparound cover, but here’s the first draft of the front.

Now, if you’ll pardon me, I have to go shell gmail. Uh, figure out why they’re not taking my mails, I mean.

4 Replies to “Sponsorship Open: “Run Your Own Mail Server””

  1. You’ve chosen Postfix to handle the SMTP side. A number of examples out there use OpenSMPTD, and I’ve successfully deployed a Full Monty mail system using that alongside other stuff like Dovecot and rspamd, on three different VPNs (one running OpenBSD, the others running Debian.) Dmarc and all. Google had no problem didn’t think my emails smelled bad. It worked.

    Would you recommend Postfix, or is it just that you had to choose something?

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