Order Books for BSDCan Delivery

BSDCan 2023 is happening in meatspace.

Folks like getting books from me personally, so normally I bring a few copies of each old title and about ten copies of each book released since the previous con. I’ve released eighteen books since the last meatspace BSDCan, plus innumerable chapbooks and collections and anthologies and who knows what all. 18 titles, ten of each? I am fifty-six years old and am not lugging one hundred eighty books into a con knowing full well that most won’t sell and I must lug them back to the car and unload them at home and let them collect dust. Nope. Ain’t gonna. Can’t make me.

Plus, there’s this.

One copy of every edition of everything I’ve written, 2023 February

I have written too many books to drag “a couple copies” of everything anywhere, let alone to BSDCan. Also, I haven’t done cons for years and have methodically reduced inventory. Other than the copies on this brag shelf I own very few copies of anything. I can buy more from the printer, but I’m not going to buy 180 dust collectors books.

The obvious answer is to let y’all preorder for delivery at BSDCan. I can get exactly what I need, plus a couple extras here and there.

To order a book for delivery at BSDCan, check my meatspace catalog for titles of interest. All prices are USD. Send your list to mwl at mwl dot io on or before before 1 April 2023, specifying paperback or hardcover when there’s a choice. Use the subject “BSDCan Preorder.” I will confirm the total price.

Payment? If you want one or two books, you can pay me cash at BSDCan. Three or more books, I need payment before 3 April. (Otherwise, some jerk who isn’t even attending BSDCan will order thousands of dollars worth of crap just to screw me and call it a joke.) I’ll use my tip jar for prepayments because it takes credit cards or paypal, or you can paypal to accounts at tiltedwindmillpress dot com.

I will place my order on 2 April. I must have prepayments by then.

I will deliver at BSDCan, 19-20 May 2023. Folks who haven’t prepaid should pick up on the 19th (or tell me why not), otherwise I’ll assume you’ve changed your mind and try to get rid of them on the 20th.

Will I bring books for people who don’t preorder? Yep. A few. Not many. You’re better off preordering. Price increases on print books are coming this month, but I will honor these prices for these preorders.

While the meatspace catalog includes everything I can get, here’s what’s come out since the last BSDCan.

Tech books since BSDCan 2019

  • Sudo Mastery, 2nd edition
  • SNMP Mastery
  • The Networknomicon
  • TLS Mastery (Beastie Edition, Tux Edition, and combined hardcover available, be specific, although I’m sure you fine folks will all want Beastie or the hardcover)
  • DNSSEC Mastery, 2nd edition
  • OpenBSD Mastery: Filesystems

Other Nonfiction since BSDCan 2019

  • Cash Flow for Creators
  • Only Footnotes
  • Domesticate Your Badgers
  • Letters from ed(1): The FreeBSD Journal Letters column, years 1-3

Fiction Since BSDCan 2019

  • Drinking Heavy Water (Montague Portal)
  • Terrapin Sky Tango (Beaks #2)
  • Aidan Redding Against the Universes (Montague Portal all-inclusive omnibus)
  • $ git sync murder ($ git commit murder #2)
  • Prohibition Orcs (collection)
  • Frozen Talons (Prohibition Orcs #2)
  • Devotion and Corrosion (collection)

Huh. I feel like I’ve been slow during the pandemic, but this is a modestly respectable number of books. The years know things that the hours and days cannot.

Anyway. Check the meatspace catalog for what you want. Send me a list. Specify paperback or hardcover. I will verify price. Three or more, pay me beforehand. Pick up at BSDCan.

Otherwise, take your chances that I’ll bother to bring the book you want and won’t sell it before you can grab it.

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