“OpenBSD Mastery: Filesystems” print leaking out

Yesterday, I wrote a big tough screed about how I would push the printer to approve the OpenBSD Mastery: Filesystems print. After the horrid delay with the Orcibus, I was ready to chew steel and spit nails. Printer approval isn’t hard: a human eyeballs it and says “yeah, that’ll print,” and hits the button.

I hit “publish” and discovered that the printer had already approved it.

I have ordered all the preorders, print sponsors, and Patronizer copies. I’ve also paid the extra dollar per copy so that they will get printed within the next week, rather than sometime in the next Ice Age. Between y’all, I need to mail 116 packages.

Plus the leather-clad Orcibuses that I’m picking up Saturday.

Lots of mailing in my near future. Oh, the postman’s gonna love me!

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