Initial reactions to “Immortal Clay”

(For my own reference later.)

One of the worrisome things about putting out your own books is the concern that it might suck. I have a long track record in nonfiction, so I’m pretty confident there. But novels are a whole different art. When I put Immortal Clay out two weeks ago, I suspected that nobody would get past page two.

Most of the initial feedback came via Twitter, with things like:

So someone I know bought it. That’s cool.

Then some of my nonfiction readers picked it up, and gave it its own hashtag:

People began reading it, and said things like:

Then someone finished it:

So the real message came through? Excellent!

And then a couple comments in private mail, like:

“You bastard! That book kept me up half the night. There was just no good place to stop!

Yep. That’ll do.

If you’ve read the book, I’d appreciate a review on Amazon. There’s four right now. Amazon won’t show it in searches and “also bought” lists until there’s five.