Sudo talk at, 9 Dec 2014

I’ll be talking at in Farmington Hills, MI, on 9 December 2014.

The topic is Sudo: You’re Doing It Wrong. If you use sudo, you need to show up for this. Because you’re doing it wrong. It’s based on Sudo Mastery, as you might guess.

Come to They have cookies.

They usually record and show their talks, so if you can’t be bothered to go to Farmington Hills in December you can probably catch it on YouTube later. But it won’t be nearly as awesome.

Also, I’m planning to go to the IT in the D casual social event on 20 November 2014. I’m not speaking, just hanging out. Why?

Now that I’m a full time writer, this is my staff.
Tilted Windmill Press staff
They’re perfectly sociable, and definitely cuter than most of my previous co-workers, but they’re a little short in the techie conversation department.

So, yeah. Two chances to see me in the near future. No public appearances planned afterwards. I’ll be busy trying to teach my staff how to copyedit.

2 Replies to “Sudo talk at, 9 Dec 2014”

  1. Hi Michael,

    I have purchased two of your books – Sudo Master and SSH Mastery, and I have enjoyed reading them and learned a lot doing so.

    However formatting of the books on Kindle (Kindle of iOS) is a bit poor to be honest. My main complaint is that code snippets are not in a monospaced font. Apart from that, on Kindle for iOS, the “Table of Contents” is disabled when you click on the menu button:

    It would be great if these minor issues in the book were fixed.


  2. Ben,

    First, thanks for buying my books. Always appreciated.

    Your problem is curious, though. I buy my own books on Kindle so I can make sure that they work, and I don’t experience these. Books need a ToC!

    Did you do anything to override the default fonts by any chance? Those settings affect all fonts in all books.

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