And today, on Audible…

What? Lucas linking to an audiobook? What the heck?

My aversion to audiobooks is pretty well known (I don’t object to you listening to them, just don’t ask me to). But yep, I’m going to point you at Audible today.

John Campbell’s classic novella, Who Goes There, is on sale at today for $0.99.

Less than a week ago, I put out a novel that owes certain literary debts to this classic SF work. It’s three-quarters of a century old, and certainly bears signs of the age it was written in, but when I first read it (decades ago) it left scars that endured until… well, until I had to write a novel about those scars.

Had I known this sale was coming, I would have… I dunno. Contacted Audible and begged for co-marketing? Something. Something cool.

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  1. Thanks! Loved reading it as a kid. Helped me enjoy the Kurt Russell, Wilford Brimley movie all that much more!

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