Penguicon 2014 Schedule

“Hey, where is Lucas? Why hasn’t he posted lately?”

I’ve done nothing worth posting about. Most of this month I spent removing a per-millennial switch from the core of the network, which was painstaking and annoying but not noteworthy. I then spent nine days at a writing workshop, which was fascinating, educational, and utterly exhausting. I could argue that the workshop was worth blogging about, but I was too busy writing to waste time writing. If you’re interested in writing, though, and you have a chance to do any of Dean or Kris’ workshops, go.


Next weekend, I’ll be at Penguicon, appearing on various panels. You can see me at the following one-hour events.


  • 5PM: BSD Operating Systems, a Tour – What it says on the label
  • Saturday

  • 11AM: Sudo – You’re Doing It Wrong – Why your popular sudo configuration is incorrect, and how to do it safely
  • 1PM: Copyright versus Free Information – What happens when the concept of ‘information can’t be contained’ clashes with content creators who want monetary recompense for their hard work? Speakers include:Michael W. Lucas, Shetan Noir, Eva Galperin, Cory Doctorow
  • 6PM: SSH Key Authentication Tutorial – If you’re not doing SSH key authentication, show up here.
  • 8PM: Self-Publishing 101 – Do you? Should you? Various tools and techniques and recommendations.
  • Sunday

  • 2PM: DNSSEC in 50 minutes – How DNSSEC works, and why you should care

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a whole great big heap of slides to do…

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    1. Bringin the good word of BSD to the Linux heathens. Good man!

      (I kid. But you are pretty brave for taking on six presentations in one weekend!)

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