My NSP ebooks, 50% off

Today is International Day Against DRM.

All No Starch Press ebooks are available at 50% off. The titles include:

  • Absolute OpenBSD
  • Network Flow Analysis
  • Cisco Routers for the Desperate (both editions, I’d recommend the 2nd)
  • PGP & GPG
  • Absolute FreeBSD

    Plus books by other authors, of course. Once you’ve bought all of mine, check them out too.

    Use coupon code RIGHT2READ to get the discount.

    For the record: all of my books[1] are published without DRM. In my opinion, once you buy my book it’s yours to do with as you please. I trust my readers.

    Yes, unlicensed downloaders discourage me from writing tech books. On the other hand, the shocking number of people who seek out and use my poorly advertised tip jar encourage me more than the illicit downloaders discourage me.

    1: I lie about being 100% DRM-free. I have one short story with DRM, because I didn’t notice the DRM checkbox when I put it on Amazon. The only way I can remove DRM is to un-publish and re-publish the piece. If I do that, I lose all the nice reviews it’s gotten. Fiction reviews are hard to come by, so I chalk this up to the learning curve and move on. But if you buy that story, and you strip the DRM, I really won’t mind in the slightest.)

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    1. Damn I was to latte and the discount has expired!

      So far only have Absolute FreeBSD on my list, but all the others are in my wish list for sure.

      Guess I’ll have to wait for another opportunity.

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