BSDCan sold to Oracle?

I am shocked and appalled. I’ve helped with BSDCan for many many years now, investing my limited time and energy into helping it become the best BSD conference on this side of the planet.

And now Dan Langille has sold the whole thing. To Oracle.

I know that “make something awesome, then sell out to a big company” is standard tech industry practice. But I never expected Langille to figure out a way to sell BSDCan. It never even occured to me that he would sell out our community. Either I have a failure of imagination, or he’s a clever bastard. Or both.

While the BSDCan attendees are getting the Oracle lobotomy, Dan himself will be in Tahiti.

I will not take this lying down. I’m tapping my resources and contacts this morning. With any luck, I’ll have an announcement of my own shortly.

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