Wanted: a VAX

No, not for me. If I bring another piece of obsolete hardware into this house, it can have my chair because I’ll be sitting out at the curb.

The OpenBSD Project builds all their packages on native hardware. Yes, it might take a month to build a complete package set on some of their platforms, but that’s okay.

Their VAX recently died. They need a new one.

I know that some of you have a VAX in storage, that you’ve been reluctant to surrender because it’s a cool toy. Now you can send it to a good home. You can tell everyone that you, personally, saved OpenBSD’s VAX support.

How often can your pack rat tendencies make you a hero? This is your chance. Take it.

2 Replies to “Wanted: a VAX”

  1. I would happily send them my spare 3100…except I can’t get the damn thing to boot anything other than VMS!

    I mean…I like VMS…but I’d love to try BSD on a VAX. 😉

    My 4000/60 is a cluster boot node, my 4000/VLC is with a friend whilst he identifies a fault with the serial controller (*mumbles something about a failed PSU and having to guess how to wire an ATX PSU), my MicroVAX III and MicroVAX II are a bit too slow as well. 🙁

    Pretty much, If I’d love to donate a spare box for OpenBSD…but none of my VAXen themselves can run OpenBSD (save for the II/III)

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