OpenBSD talk on-line

Last night’s talk on OpenBSD is now live in the channel.

Part 1
Part 2

UPDATE: All in one.

Among other things, I compare OpenBSD to Richard Stallman and physically assault an audience member. (Brian was a very good spots, and learned an important lesson about volunteering, e.g.: don’t.) We also talk long long time, memory randomization, PF, BSD license versus GPL, Microsoft, and other OpenBSD stuff.

And, of course, the importance of the VAX.

4 Replies to “ OpenBSD talk on-line”

  1. In one slide, under Target Users (around min. 24) is written:
    “if you’re skilled enough to use it, use something else”.
    Do you mean “if you aren’t skilled enough to use it, use something else”, just an error, or do you mean something else? It is not clear to me…
    Thank you!

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