EuroBSDCon, and Sudo Mastery

How’s that for diverse topics in one post?

I just got back from EuroBSDCon 2013 on Malta. The EuroBSDCon Foundation and Andre Opperman did a great job with the conference, and presented one of the best sets of talks and keynotes and related programs I’ve seen in years. It’s motivated me to try to improve BSDCan, but I’ll babble about that in another post.

I followed EuroBSDCon with a few days in Paris, to talk to other authors, network, and figure out some “business of writing” stuff. Plus see the Eiffel Tower and the catacombs, of course.

Now that I’m home, I’m diving into the technical reviews of Sudo Mastery.

Normally when I have a book out for tech review, I post a variety of reminders during the time people should be reviewing. “Two weeks to get comments back to me!” “One week!” “Six hours and three minutes!” I didn’t do that this time, instead focusing on things like distributing blacklists via BGP and automated deployment of FreeBSD and Bhyve and relayd and and and and…

In a weird coincidence, I haven’t received as many tech reviews as I usually do.

Why do people nag? Because it works.

If you’re one of the folks who volunteered to review the manuscript, you have a couple days left to send me comments. I would really like to get the book to the copyeditor by next Monday.