New time travel short story escaped, new Kickstarter approaching

In the aftermath of getting DNSSEC Mastery to tech review and getting my first ever Kickstarter ready to launch, I went in search of easy dopamine. I have maybe forty-odd short stories ready to publish, so I seized the one on top of the heap and flung it out into the cold hard world.

My tale Drag Air Through Fire is now available at all fine bookstores. Supply chain problems have made the paper chapbook stupid expensive, so I solidly recommend the ebook.

She isn’t dead.
He just hasn’t saved her yet.

He invented new kinds of math, new engineering, new science. His colleagues and friends failed to stop him. He surrendered everything for last one chance to rescue his love.

The chances of a new Big Bang? Acceptable.

Originally appeared in “Boundary Shock Quarterly: What Might Have Been”

And oh yeah, I’m trying Kickstarter. After 45 books and uncounted other stuff, I’ve finally written something on how to write. You can’t back it yet, but you can tell Kickstarter to poke you when you can. I’ll post Monday when it opens.