“Domesticate Your Badgers” Kickstarter Opens

My first ever Kickstarter crashed past its first stretch goal in three hours.

I think nonfiction books should be written by people who have done the thing. If you write a book about systems administration, you ought to have been a working sysadmin for years. If you write a book about rats, you better spend quantity time with the squeaky little bastards. If you write a book about martial arts, you better have been a serious student for decades. That’s why I don’t write a book about, say, devops. The book would make me a heap of money, at the expense of my reputation and integrity. Friends know better than to get me started about how-to books written by dilettantes, because the rant can go on for hours.

Well, minutes. But they feel like hours.

Similarly, someone who writes a book about the long game of writing, how to establish your writing skills, and how to build a long-term writing career, had better have written a heap of books that got published. Sadly, that person is now me.

Last year, I figured out something unique to say about the craft of writing. This year, I wrote Domesticate Your Badgers: Become a Better Writer through Deliberate Practice.

Every time I publish a book, I run an experiment or test. Most of these experiments are invisible, and of no interest to anyone except publishing nerds. This time, I’m experimenting with Kickstarter. Other writers have success launching books there, so I’ll try it. If it’s successful, I might add Kickstarter options to my other books. My goal is still reader disintermediation, but sponsorships target existing hard-core fans and Kickstarter is about more casual fans and attracting new readers.

The stretch goal format also lets me play with my expenses. I’d like to illustrate the interior, because badgers, but are people willing to pay for it? Is including a Foreword written by an enemy (a “Foeword”) as funny as I think it is? Dunno. People will tell me, though, and as they’re speaking with their wallets they will tell the truth.

And I learned how to glue snippets together to create more complicated videos. I have no idea what I’ll do with this skill. Probably something ill-advised.

If you have any interest in how I not only write books, but keep writing books, I wrote it all down. Take a look.