New review of SSH Mastery, and print pre-order status

There’s a new review of SSH Mastery over at DragonFlyBSD Digest. I’m delighted that Justin liked the book. (Mind you, I’m appalled that he’s actually reading and paying attention to the minutia I occasionally post here. But I’m delighted he liked the book.)

On the pre-order front: Austin Hook just ordered 200 copies of SSH Mastery for the OpenBSD Project. He will be listing the book for pre-order “soon.” I’ve given them the greatest discount possible, and they’ll be selling the book for list price. Proceeds will go to support OpenBSD/OpenSSH development. I will fill Austin’s order at the first opportunity.

When is that? When the book exists in finished form. I reviewed the print layout today, made some corrections, and sent them back to the layout person. If she doesn’t kill me outright, I’ll be able to order proofs in a few days. If the proofs show an error, I do another cycle. (Print pages look nothing like on-screen pages.) Once I approve the proofs, I can order books.

A normal publisher (whatever that means) would have a scheduled print time. They’d push out the release date, and delay the book if necessary to fit that window. That gives them a known release date. Me, I’m not going to set a sufficiently-padded arbitrary date when I can get them sooner.

And for those of you who wonder when I’m going to quit pushing my wares and post techie stuff again, I’ll have a post on DNSSEC deployment next week.