“SSH Mastery” now #1 on Smashwords

I even beat out the “Fat Loss Bible.” Happy Birthday to me!

And thanks to everyone who has bought and enjoyed the book. I can now say I’m a “#1 bestseller” with a straight face.

One Reply to ““SSH Mastery” now #1 on Smashwords”

  1. Just want to say, thank you. You are an excellent writer with a gift for expressing subjects that should bore the average person half to death, but you do it in a way that is comical, refreshing, and easily digested. I’ve purchased many of your books, and will continue to do so in support, so long as you keep pumping them out. I’ve yet to find a title that I didn’t enjoy. I’m really looking forward to your OpenBSD 2nd edition. It will be my first baby giant steps into this enormous beast. Thanks again and keep on writing.

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