SSH Mastery now #2 best-seller on Smashwords

Smashwords is an ebook retailer that sells books in ten different electronic formats in one purchase. If you want a book in .pdb for your Palm Pilot, in PDF for your laptop, and epub for your Nook, that’s where you go.

I just saw this in their best-seller list.

I’m at #2 site-wide, right behind the Fat Loss Bible.

The implications are obvious: I must write a book for fat techies. I’ll make a fortune!

4 Replies to “SSH Mastery now #2 best-seller on Smashwords”

  1. Well, there certainly are a lot of us. And you *do* have some experience in the matter.

    In fact, if you write it, I will guarantee you at least one sale. Even if you give me a review copy, I will STILL buy your diet book.

  2. Any indication of how many copies have sold so far?

    I’m up to about chapter 12 and have thoroughly enjoyed the book so far (are you really meant to enjoy tech books?).

  3. Thanks, folks. I’m stunned. And it’s still up there!

    Paul, SW has sold 72 copies in a week.

    I’m not sure how SW calculates the bestseller list, or how often, but it’s still cool.

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