SSH Mastery Review from Peter Hansteen

Peter has already read and reviewed SSH Mastery. While a few of my readers have been kind enough to post reviews on Amazon and Smashwords (which I very deeply appreciate), Peter’s is the first long review.

And here I should confess something: The very existence of SSH Mastery is Peter’s fault.

Peter will be doing the tech review of Absolute OpenBSD 2nd Edition. He looked over the outline and said “You need more SSH in here. You need SSH here, and here. More SSH love!” So, I listened to him. The SSH content overflowed the OpenBSD book from a planned 350K words to closer to 400K. I can’t comfortably read a 400K-word book. So, something had to give. And it was SSH.

And to again answer what people keep emailing me and asking: yes, a print version is coming. Yes, I am writing AO2e. When I have dates, I will announce them.