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I now have three horror stories available on all ebook reader platforms and stores. For September 2011, you can get all of them for free via Smashwords. All have been previously published elsewhere. If you like one of them, please leave a review at your favorite ebook site. (Yes, this is a blatant, transparent attempt to gather reviews.) Follow the link, use the coupon code, and download the stories in your preferred format.

Be warned: “Opening the Eye” contains blood and gore. The others are much more gentle.

Wednesday’s Seagulls (coupon code BD29B)

His plane crashed against a rocky Pacific island inhabited only by seagulls and a walking dead man.

If he stops moving, the zombie will eat him.

If he sleeps more than a couple hours, the zombie will eat him.

But trying to trap the dead man might only make things worse.

Breaking the Circle (coupon code AB94A)

Twelve-year-old Chris learned that lycanthropy ran in her family. The hard way.

On the desolate family farm dominated by her father’s alcoholism, everyone hides problems. As Chris grows, she spends one night a month locked in the basement and clawing at the door. She yearns for freedom, but can even transforming into a werewolf break the chains in Chris’ own mind?

Opening the Eye (coupon code TQ34G)

Street drug drought.

Mindless need chews your bones. No way to feed it.

An unthinkable solution to satisfy the hunger. Forever.

If you can live that way…

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  1. Hi there,

    I’m working on producing an anthology series and I need short horror stories from independent authors. As of right now, at for the 1st volume, it’s a non-paying gig unfortunately. But if you would like to be involved, I’d love to include one of your short stories into the 1st volume.
    Email me for more details if you’re interested and be sure to check out to get more info on what we’re about (the site is in the beginning stages so don’t judge too harsh 🙂

    Thanks for a reading and have a great day! 🙂

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