FreeNAS 8.0 and SNMP

Today, I learned that FreeNAS 8.0’s SNMP isn’t quite all one could hope for. The good news is, the bugs will be fixed in 8.0.1. I’m posting this in the hope of saving others the annoyances I had.

To SNMP query a FreeNAS 8.0 host, you must force the client to use SNMPv2.

# snmpwalk -c public -v 2c freenashost

Additionally, you can’t change the community name (at least on the amd64 version). You must use public.

This is fixed in 8.0.1. Still, it makes me glad I hacked a firewall into my FreeNAS box.

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  1. Wow… didn’t know that any of the flavors of SNMPv2 were still useful for anything. AFAIK, SNMPv2 was just a stepping stone to SNMPv3.

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