“TLS Mastery” sponsorships open

My next book will be TLS Mastery, all about Transport Layer Encryption, Let’s Encrypt, OCSP, and so on.

This should be a shorter book, more like my DNSSEC or Tarsnap titles, or the first edition of Sudo Mastery. I would like a break from writing doorstops like the SNMP and jails books.

You can sponsor in print or ebook. Remember, the print sponsorship includes everything in the ebook sponsorship, so you don’t need to buy both unless you want your name to appear twice in the ebook.

As we’re in a pandemic: take care of you and yours first! I’m conflicted on offering sponsorships, as so many people have lost their jobs. Several folks said they were going to send me money anyway, so I’ve opened these up. Do NOT send me money if you have any doubts about your financial stability.

5 Replies to ““TLS Mastery” sponsorships open”

  1. MWL:

    A book on TLS and related aspects would be a wonderful contribution in these times. It’s increasingly relevant, and I think more and more people are dirtying their hands in the muck than before.

    Thanks for providing distractions with utility!

  2. Can I expect any detail into the up and coming ACME suite behind the scenes of LetsEncrypt? Also, maybe some correlation on how to replace or integrate KRB5 with TLS?

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