“SNMP Mastery” sponsorships now live

My next tech book will be SNMP Mastery. Much like PAM Mastery, I’m writing this book as a public service. SNMP is an uncomfortable fact of life. It’s baroque, obtuse, and misunderstood.

Now that I’ve shipped the Sudo Mastery sponsor gifts, I’m opening print and ebook sponsorships for SNMP Mastery.

The voices in my head tell me that I need to write this with Lovecraftian cosmic horror references. Because SNMP. Who knows if that’ll actually work in the manuscript, however.

3 Replies to ““SNMP Mastery” sponsorships now live”

  1. Your choice of topics is quite “interesting”
    ed, SNMP… what is going to be next? Telnet mastery? rlogin mastery?

  2. Asking around, I’ve found lots of folks who are still using it, still struggling with it, and still have to learn it.

    And the ed book is selling better than the jails book, so…

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